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Home Loan Calculator

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How much can you loan?

Discover your home loan eligibility with our advanced Mortgage Calculator. Input your monthly income and existing financial commitments to instantly determine your affordable monthly installment and total loan amount. Make informed decisions on your home loan today.

Tenancy Agreement Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate your tenancy agreement stamp duty in Malaysia swiftly and accurately. Enter your monthly rental and tenure in years to determine the stamp duty cost. Simplify your tenancy paperwork with our easy-to-use calculator.

Check out New Projects Here

More than 70+ new houses... is a one-stop website which provides the latest info and new on Malaysia's new project and new property. 

Legal Fees and Stamp Duty Calculator for SPA, loan & MOT

Effortlessly calculate legal fees and stamp duty for SPA, Loan Agreement, and MOT in Malaysia. With our versatile calculator, just enter the property price to get quick estimates. Simplify your property transactions with our comprehensive stamp duty calculator and legal fees calculator.

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